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new song

2011-09-14 09:38:06 by metallover95

I have recorded a new song and i'm thinking if i should put it up here on NG what do you think? comment if you want me to put up the song.

it's up

2011-08-17 21:56:19 by metallover95

go and listen to my and Neverminds song >:D or i train a goat to rape you with a horse dildo that a pig with aids have peed on.

finally done

2011-08-17 17:22:22 by metallover95

finally i'm done with the song just waiting for nevermind to do an icon then you must listen >:D

almost done

2011-08-14 17:30:07 by metallover95

I'm almost done mixing the song so i don't know if you're gonna like it cause this is my first time mixing it but someday this week it will be done :)

cooperation with nevermind

2011-08-06 19:42:23 by metallover95

in the near future i'm done mixing a song me and nevermind recorded and this is not something that i have done before i can say that it's softer than my regular music style but you can do everything you want to this song you can: jack off, make a cow pregnant, lick frogs, get drunk, smoke pot (if you're a drug addict), just listen to the song, listen to my other stuff and tell youre friends about it and that's all you can do whatever you want to this song :D

//metallover95/freddie/harahara90 (on youtube)

my new awesome song :D

2011-07-02 17:58:34 by metallover95

finally i'm done and it's out so go listen and enjoy more will come in the future when i have the time to record som more take care.


new song

2011-06-23 21:05:03 by metallover95

i'm thinking of puting up that punk song without mixing it so I get it done well see what happens next.

p.s it's going to be english lyrics in that box thing for those who can't swedish.


2011-05-22 06:51:51 by metallover95

right now i'm almost done with a punk project i have recorded the last days but it must be mixed and shit so it doesn't sound shit and that would make everyone feel like shit so it will be done in a month or a week I don't know but it will be done be sure of that.

p.s the vocals is going to be swedish and i realized that i wrote shit pretty much here above but DON'T CARE.



2011-02-27 16:38:00 by metallover95

Now my home studio is finally done and that means more recordings and that is equaly more songs and that is awesome both for me and those who likes my type of recordings.

stay wierd.


2011-01-23 07:17:36 by metallover95

finally my song is up on newgrounds yeah awesome yeah high five *snap* yeah i know you can't snap with youre fingers when you do high five but I dint care.